From A to Z (well, the Y, anyway) -- I bring experience

"Lia, this is the first time in my entire career as a high school principal that I've been accurately quoted in the school paper," said Mr. Tam. "This is a great story!"

That was in 1987. I've been writing accurate and engaging stories ever since.

From AOL to the YMCA, I have crafted effective business content in many forms and formats. Print, broadcast, and digital, I've done it all: social media campaigns, blogs, commercials, newsletters, web content, corporate communications pieces, brochures, reports, and much more.


From B.A. to M.A. -- I bring education

With a bachelor's in Communications--Radio/TV/Film (now called Digital Media Production and Journalism) and a master's in English, I bring meticulous research skills and compelling storytelling to everything I do. I work until it's A+ quality.

From initial contact to delivery -- I bring effective engagement

I am a "creative type" but I am also thorough; on assignment, I conduct extensive research and multiple interviews to learn as much as I can about a company, its culture, and its people. My goal is to find the human story within the corporate story, the element that engages readers on a basic level and delivers your message effectively.

When not writing, I can usually be found shuttling a kid somewhere, snuggling our Shiloh shepherd, or sneaking off to find a sunny spot to read or dream about my next travel adventure.

Want to know more? Lia by the numbers...

I was born and raised in the 50th state, and still try to bring aloha to everything I do.


U.S. states I have visited or lived in. Someday, I will add Alaska to this number.


Countries I have visited or lived in. Read about my 2015 European adventure here.


State capitols my boys and I have visited together and taken a group selfie.


Suns. Decorative, metallic ones, all over my living room.


Sons. Tall, intelligent ones, that I'm very proud of.



Obsession. "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of books by
George R. R. Martin. I spend way too much time re-reading
these books and listening to various analytical podcasts about it.

Pierre, SD in 2013.

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