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Proposal written as memorandum

​Target: Community college administration

Tone: Business

Message: "The parking crisis at EvCC needs to be addressed immediately."

Goal: Inspire administrators to take action now while planning for future.

Cars parked on crowded lot, as described in proposal by Lia Blanchard

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

E-tailer blog

​Target: General public

Tone: Casual, warm

Message: "AOA understands you and your life. We are just like you."

Goal: Convert blog readers into gift basket buyers.

Gift basket from the company Lia Blanchard wrote a blog for.

"Face-Off Against NF: Battling Flesh-Eating Bacteria"

Target: General public interested in health or hero stories
Tone: Journalistic

Message: "A simple bruise nearly cost a USAF officer his life."

Goal: Inform readers about the surprising realities of flesh-eating bacteria.

Necrotizing fasciitis, flesh-eating bacteria feature article by Lia Blanchard

Fort Hays State University Graduate School

"International Communications: The Influence of Culture on the Content, Organization and Design of Non-Profit Annual Reports"
Target: Businesses with international relationships, English PhDs

Tone: Academic

Message: "Consider more than language when working internationally."
Goal: Discover how cultural values affect written business communication.

Hand-holding paper chain representing thesis about international culture and communication by Lia Blanchard
People gathering over a laptop to learn something, such as in these instructions, written by Lia Blanchard

"How to Become a Member of"

Target: General public interested in engineering

Tone: Business Casual

Message: "Opening an account with us is very simple."

Goal: Clear, concise, step-by-step instructions.